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February 22-24, 2013

292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

advance tickets available online @ eventbrite dot ca

Medium/Format/Marker: La Jetée in Multiples
   Nicholas Loess (film, video, live editing)
   w/ Ben Grossman (electronics, hurdy gurdy) Joe Sorbara (drums, triggers, percussion)


show: Saturday 23 February, 1pm

Nicholas Loess, Ben Grossman, and Joe Sorbara offer an intermedial simultaneous multi-projection of Chris Marker's La Jetée in VHS, Beta, 16mm, and digital formats variously manipulated, negotiated, and accompanied.

Nicholas Loess is a Guelph-based video artist and filmmaker. His work seeks to explore different visual textures through improvisatory gesture, live performance and memory. He routinely collaborates with aural improvisers in an ongoing attempt to work towards an increased understanding of the cinematic relationship between sound, image, and format. He's also a graduate student... so there's that too.

Ben Grossman is a busy musician: improviser, studio musician, composer, noisemaker and audio provocateur. He works in many fields, having played on over 80 CDs, soundtracks for film and television, sound design for theatre, installations, work designed for radio transmission, and live performances spanning early medieval music to experimental electronica. Ben's tools of choice are electronics, percussion, and, especially, the hurdy gurdy (vielle à roue), a contemporary electro-acoustic string instrument with roots in the European middle ages. Through extended techniques, live-looping and processing, Ben seeks to use it as a physical interface into improvised sound creation, spontaneous composition and the exploration of acoustics, form, and extended aesthetics.

Joe Sorbara is a highly inventive drummer and percussionist with a penchant for coaxing music out of practically anything. Joe's drumkit is regularly augmented with found and prepared material that ensures that the sounds at his ready disposal are practically orchestral in scope. He combines these skills with an extraordinary time-feel that makes him one of the most swinging drummers in Canada when the music demands it of him. Joe's primary creative outlet is his 'seven-or-more-tet' Other Foot First. Elsewhere, he plays in the Remnants Trio, Ronda Rindone's Quorum, the AIMToronto Orchestra and a trio with Wes Neal and British saxophonist Evan Parker.

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