Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

   Ryan Driver (piano) Nick Fraser (drums) Blake Howard (percussion) Alex Lukashevsky (guitar)
   Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) Mike Smith (bass) Brodie West (alto saxophone)


More info:
Brodie West @ Lorna Records
Eucalyptus @ Lorna Records

FREE show: Saturday 22 February, 10pm

Eucalyptus is a 7-piece instrumental ensemble. Formed by alto saxophonist Brodie West in 2009, this stellar line up of musicians share a rich history of collaboration extending back more than a decade on Toronto's creative music scene. West's compositions set lyrical melody and languid dance rhythms alongside free form blowing and adventurous collective improvisation. Their music might seem inside out, outside in, just in and/or way in. They have played Wavelength, Images Festival, Poor Pilgrim, ZineDream, Open Roof Festival, The Music Gallery, Sappyfest (Sackville, NB.), and The Yardbird Festival (Edmonton, AB) and are set to release their second 10" vinyl EP, Fascination in Sound, in February on LORNA/Healing Power Recordings.

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