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Nilan Perera
   Prepared Guitar: theory, practice & improvisation

Nilan Perera

workshop: Saturday 22 February, 1pm

Nilan's study of prepared guitar has been the one constant throughout the last two decades of his work. He has been uniquely able to incorporate his ongoing research into both his instrument and his aesthetic. Attendees of this rare workshop will be led through the many technical and aesthetic paradigms that this way of playing presents.


Guitarist/composer Nilan Perera has been active for 30+ years in some of the most forward looking, influential and radical Canadian ensembles. He has performed and recorded many national and international artists. His decade+, award winning association with multidisciplinary artist Susanna Hood has placed him in the vanguard of experimental sound artists with Ms. Hood's company hum as well as many other independent dancer/choreographers and theatre companies.

Currently, Nilan leads many projects including improvising drum/bass/acoustic guitar American Primitive ensemble 'faint praise', electric conducted freefunk octet 'rEDwIREaRCHaNGEL', electroacoustic duo 'Smash and Teeny', and text/dance improv trio 'drift'. He also performs frequently as a soloist and collaborator.

Nilan is also a music critic with the national music paper 'exclaim!', Executive Director of the grassroots national touring collective of presenters, 'circuit', and is on the board of directors of the Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto.

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