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   Peter Lutek (woodwinds) Jake Oelrichs (drums) Scott Peterson (bass) Tom Richards (keyboards)




show: Friday 20 February, 9pm

Riverrun is a quartet made up of some of Toronto's strongest musical personalities. Their sound has been described as Electro-chamber-jazz and Minimalist-avant-garde-pop. Cinematic, delving and disciplined, Riverrun cuts across stylistic boundaries and goes deep into the moment. Tom Richards, leader, composer and keyboardist, has played with The Hidden Cameras, Dan Mangan, Spoon, and The Wooden Sky, among many others. With Riverrun he brings his cross-genre compositional style to the forefront - navigating through diverse worlds of sound using a combination of nimble technique and envelope-pushing electronics.

Peter Lutek, clarinet, has been a pillar of the contemporary music scene in Toronto for decades. A virtuosic multi-instrumentalist, Peter tends to make his own rules. He plays a microtonal Turkish clarinet whose sound is transformed electronically through homemade computer hardware and software.

Scott Peterson, bass and vocals, is the mystic of the group. While exploring the Peruvian jungle, he spontaneously learned to throat-sing in the traditional Tuvan style. He tunes his bass in fifths and employs a wide palette of electronic signal-processing which he controls with his feet.

Jake Oelrichs, drums and xylophone, is one of the most sought-after drummers in Ontario, well known in the Toronto rock and indie-jazz scenes from his involvement with Run With The Kittens and Muskox. His deep sense of groove underpins every moment of Riverrun's sonic exploration.

"One of Canada's most adventurous and challenging improvisation-based groups, Riverrun's sound is unique and hauntingly expressive."
- Exclaim Magazine

"A genuine synthesis is achieved... they mask the line between composition and improvisation, dwelling in an ambiguous middle ground full of mystery and anticipation."
- Weird Canada

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