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The Imperative
   Jay Hay (tenor saxophone) Karen Ng (tenor saxophone) Joe Sorbara (drums, percussion)

Joe Sorbara

Jay Hay

Karen Ng

Watch & Listen:

show: Sunday 22 February, 7pm

The Imperative [im-pair-uh-tiv] is:

1. a poem by Sun Ra. It appears in 'Collected Works Vol. I: Immeasurable Equation' edited by Adam Abraham, the son of Ra's good friend and partner in space travel, Alton Abraham. The year in which it was penned is not provided in the collection.

2. a suite of compositions written by Toronto's Joe Sorbara after Sun Ra's poem. Sorbara created a piece of music for each line of the poem, sometimes for a group of lines. In this way, the flow of Ra's words provided an unfolding mood-scape for, and determined the flow of the music.

3. a unique trio of creative improvising musicians based in Toronto who assemble somewhat regularly to perform 2. as well as to enjoy one another's company. The trio is made up of drummer and percussionist Joe Sorbara with Jay Hay and Karen Ng each wielding a tenor saxophone.

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