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The Muted Note
   Susanna Hood (voice, dance) Scott Thomson (trombone, composition)

Susanna Hood and Scott Thomson (photo by Joane Hétu)

(photo by Joane Hétu)

show: Saturday 21 February, 7pm

Susanna Hood and Scott Thomson have played together since 2008 in groups and projects that include The Rent, The Open (and its related, choreographic extension, The Tips), Dave Clark's Woodshed Orchestra, and The Muted Note. The latter, a suite of Scott's songs based on poems by P.K. Page, has been performed as a quintet by The Disguises (with Pierre Tanguay, Yves Charuest, and Nicolas Caloia) and as a choreographic stage work for three other dancers (Ellen Furey, Alanna Kraaijeveld, and Bernard Martin) with live music by The Disguises. In addition, Susanna and Scott toured extensively, performing The Muted Note as a duo thirty-five times in nine provinces, in the autumn of 2014. They live in Montréal.

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