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The Interstellar Tentet
   Jay Hay (baritone saxophone) w/ Nick Buligan (trumpet) Karen Ng (alto saxophone) Scott Peterson (bass) Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet)
   Tom Richards (trombone) Heather Saumer (trombone) Mike Smith (synth) Joe Sorbara (drums) Jeremy Strachan (tenor saxophone)

Saturday 27 February, 7pm

Interstellar Tentet


(from mechanical forest sound)

Drawing on the tradition of larger improvising ensembles like Globe Unity, Sun Ra's Arkestras, Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, the AACM Big Band, and David Murray's octets, The Interstellar Tentet daringly combines the talents of some of Toronto's younger generation of adventurous jazz musicians.

As well as drawing upon classic (and not-so-classic) Free Jazz repertoire, Interstellar performs original compositions by many of its members. Composed elements are balanced with real-time improvisation and conducted intrusions and meddlings so that an air of spontaneity, freedom, and joy permeates each Interstellar performance.

"Given that this band contains some of the city's finest players," writes Toronto's Joe Strutt on his blog Mechanical Forest Sound, "every show they play should be an event... do make a point of coming out and digging this."

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