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Kyle Brenders Ensemble
   Kyle Brenders (saxophones) w/ Ben Grossman (hurdy gurdy, electronics) Germaine Liu (percussion) Peter Lutek (clarinet, electronics)
   Karen Ng (alto saxophone) Cheldon Paterson (turntables) Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) Nick Storring (cello, electronics)
   Brandon Valdivia (drums) Doug Van Nort (electronics)

Saturday 27 February, 9pm

Kyle Brenders


Kyle Brenders is a Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, and arts administrator. Brenders' work attempts to fuse the various musical experiences that have shaped him as a creative artist. His interest in music that falls within generic and idiomatic cracks has allowed him to develop his own personal style.

"The Kyle Brenders Ensemble is my vehicle for large ideas that don't really fit anywhere else. Music that doesn't really fit stylistically on a specific spectrum. Sometimes there are songs and sometimes there is only texture. One thing that the Kyle Brenders Ensemble is interested in is experimentation. The music I write for this group is designed with openness and curiosity -- much is left out within the composition and it will only be revealed in real-time performance.

"For the Somewhere There festival I've brought together a group of musicians that are occasionally found in electro-acoustic/electronic settings. The music we'll be making isn't only from an electro-acoustic world but it is connected. This will be there first performance of this group and a new set of compositions."

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