Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

February 26-28, 2016

292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

advance tickets available at the TRANZAC & at Soundscapes

Friday 26 February

in the main hall...

7pm    talk: Music as Community: contingency, fungibility, and solidarity
Joe Strutt (Mechanical Forest Sound) [bio]

8pm    The Nick Storring Band [bio]
Nick Storring (cello)
   w/ Zoe Alexis-Abrams (voice) Germaine Liu (drums) John Mark Sherlock (piano) Ilana Waniuk (violin)

9pm    SlowPitchSound [bio]
Cheldon Paterson (turntables)

late set in southern cross lounge...

10pm    Ronley Teper & The Lipliners [bio]
Ronley Teper (voice, acoustic guitar)
   w/ Caleb Hamilton (trumpet) Blake Howard (drums) Gordan Hyland (tenor saxophone) Saul Lederman (projections)
   Samantha McClelland (bass) Karen Ng (alto saxophone) Tim Posgate (banjo, fiddle) Chris Pruden (piano)
   Willow Rutherford (accordion) Nick Taylor (guitar) Beth Washburn (mini tuba)

Saturday 27 February :: matinee

in the main hall...

2pm    solos:
           Peter Lutek (woodwinds, etc) [bio]
           Germaine Liu (percussion) [bio]
           Paul Newman (tenor, soprano saxophones) [bio]

3pm    Solo Improvisation Roundtable [info]
Joe Sorbara, moderator

4pm    solos:
           Kyle Brenders (woodwinds) [bio]
           Ken Aldcroft (guitar) [bio]
           Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) [bio]

Saturday 27 February :: evening

in the main hall...

7pm    Interstellar Tentet [bio]
Jay Hay (baritone saxophone)
   w/ Nick Buligan (trumpet) Karen Ng (alto saxophone) Scott Peterson (bass) Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet)
   Tom Richards (trombone) Heather Saumer (trombone) Mike Smith (synth) Joe Sorbara (drums)
   Jeremy Strachan (tenor saxophone)

8pm    Ugly Beauties [bio]
Matt Brubeck (cello) Nick Fraser (drums) Marilyn Lerner (piano)

9pm    Kyle Brenders Ensemble [bio]
Kyle Brenders (saxophones)
   w/ Ben Grossman (hurdy gurdy, electronics) Germaine Liu (percussion) Peter Lutek (clarinet, electronics)
   Karen Ng (alto saxophone) Cheldon Paterson (turntables) Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet)
   Nick Storring (cello, electronics) Brandon Valdivia (drums) Doug Van Nort (electronics)

late set in southern cross lounge...

10pm    The Polka Dogs [bio]
Colin Couch (tuba) Tiina Kiik (accordion) John Millard (banjo) Ambrose Pottie (drums) Tom Walsh (trombone)

Sunday 28 February :: matinee

in the main hall...

2pm    The Humber Composer's Collective [bio]
Ben McCarroll-Butler (woodwinds)
   w/ Jessica Chen (voice) Abby David (bass) Julian Di Vito (drums) Ewen Farncombe (piano)
   Trevor Peverley (guitar) Tom Upjohn (trumpet) Nebyu Yohannes (trombone)

3pm    Swankey, Duncan, and Oore [bios]
Christine Duncan (voice) Daniel Oore (tenor saxophone) Laura Swankey (voice)

Sunday 28 February :: evening

in the main hall...

7pm    FOG [bio]
Rebecca Hennessy (trumpet)
   w/ Jay Burr (tuba) Nico Dann (drums) Tania Gill (piano) Tom Richards (trombone) Don Scott (guitar)

8pm    Ways [bio]
Evan Cartwright (drums) Brodie West (alto saxophone)

9pm    THREADS (Quintet) [bio]
Ken Aldcroft (guitar)
   w/ Jonathan Adjemian (synth) Josh Cole (bass) Germaine Liu (drums) Karen Ng (alto saxophone)

stay tuned for updates...

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