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Bristles Trio
   Andrew Downing (bass) Jim Lewis (trumpet) David Occhipinti (guitar)

Sunday 26 February, 10pm

Bristles Trio

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Bristles is a CD from bassist, Andrew Downing; trumpeter, Jim Lewis; and guitarist, David Occhipinti. The CD is a collection of twelve songs: six jazz standards and six collaborative improvisations. Five of the six jazz standards were recorded live during a concert at the Jazz Room in Waterloo, Ontario, where Downing, Lewis, and Occhipinti performed in January of 2013. The trio, which has been performing together since 2008, also experimented with improvisations, which resulted in six spontaneous compositions dedicated to painters such as Emily Carr and Cy Twombly. Bristles, is the first release from this trio. It was given 4 stars in the internationally-acclaimed Downbeat Magazine and was nominated for a 2015 Juno Award in the Jazz Group category. David Occhipinti produced and mixed the recording, which was released on his Occdav Music label (OM007).

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