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Healing Power Records
   The FREE late-night sets this year have been curated by our friends at Healing Power Records...

Friday 24 February . Body Double

Saturday 25 February . Prince Nifty

+ DJ RON WOLF, CEO starting directly afterward on both nights

all in the Southern Cross Lounge starting at 11pm

Healing Power Records

Healing Power Records is a Toronto-based record label initiated in 2008 by music artists and promoters, Victoria Cheong and Wolfgang Nessel. HPR represents a diversity of music including free jazz, improv, noise, techno, dance, pop, and all the possible permutations of genre that work towards creating new forms of expression. The label houses a community of artists under the mandate of representing perspectives and sounds that are under-represented in the music culture at large, and creating space for free-thinking experimentation and musical innovation.

HPR has worked for many years organizing and promoting multi-disciplinary, music-focused shows in Toronto venues and alternative or public spaces. We connect and contextualize the work of the artists on our roster through forms of presentation that include compilations, collaborations, and at least one or two shows a year that feature a large number of artists.

Although we call ourselves a record label, HPR is not and will never be a business – we are essentially a platform to assist artists in self-production, to encourage them to develop their craft and to give them additional visibility.

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