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Lila Ensemble
   Chris Adriaanse (bass, movement) Jessica Houghton (movement) Alison Keery (dance) Bea Labikova (woodwinds, movement)
   Raphael Roter (drums, percussion, movement) Doug Tielli (trombone, movement)

Saturday 25 February, 3pm

Lîla Ensemble

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Lîla Ensemble is a free-spirited group of dancers and musicians who explore the relationship between music and movement. We are driven by a spirit of adventure, honest expression, and by a deeply held cross-disciplinary interest. Since our inception we have presented audiences in Toronto on the Canadian East Coast and around Europe with poignant and dynamic shows to wide acclaim. The term Lîla comes from the Hindu idea that all things, both beautiful and brutal, are the result of divine creative play, the play of gods. We're inspired by this concept and so we, too, create through play. As a result, Lîla Ensemble's pieces are rich with fantasy and imagination. Our work is guided by three main goals: To develop meaningful and fluid communication across the disciplines of movement and music; to realize the expressive potential of free and structured improvisation - not only as a means of composition, but as an end in itself; to present our honest selves and tap into genuine emotionality, as well as to channel these feelings from our audiences.

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