Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

February 24-26, 2017

292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

advance tickets available at the TRANZAC & at Soundscapes

Friday 24 February

in the main hall...

8pm    talk :: Other Folks’ Music: Collaborations and Confrontations Throughout 30 Years In Music
David Dacks [bio]

9pm    Nick Fraser New Quartet [bio]
Josh Cole (bass) Emily Denison (trumpet) Nick Fraser (drums, compositions) Trevor Hogg (tenor saxophone)

10pm    Craig Dunsmuir and Dun-Dun Band [bio]
Craig Dunsmuir (electric guitar, thumb piano)
   w/ Jay Anderson (electronic hand drum, percussion) Josh Cole (electric bass) Colin Fisher (tenor saxophone)
   Blake Howard (hand drum, percussion) Mike Smith (synthesizer, electronics) Brodie West (alto saxophone)

FREE late set in the southern cross lounge :: curated by Healing Power Records

11pm    Body Double [bio]
Victoria Cheong & Julie Reich (samplers, percussion, voice)

12am    DJ RON WOLF, CEO [bio]
Wolfgang Nessel, selector

Saturday 25 February :: matinee

in the main hall...

2pm    Amelia Ehrhardt, solo dance [bio]

3pm    Lila Ensemble [bio]
Chris Adriaanse (bass, movement) Jessica Houghton (movement) Alison Keery (dance) Bea Labikova (woodwinds, movement)
Raphael Roter (drums, percussion, movement) Doug Tielli (trombone, movement)

4pm    roundtable :: Shared Experience: reflecting on our engagement with improvised music and dance [info]
Dawne Carleton, moderator

Saturday 25 February :: evening

in the main hall...

8pm    The Thing Is [bio]
Tova Kardonne (voice, compositions)
   w/ Ali Berkok (piano) Nick Fraser (drums) Peter Lutek (alto saxophone) Luan Phung (guitar)
   Tom Richards (trombone) Jim Sexton (bass) Mike Wark (flute)

9pm    Manticore feat. James Beardmore + Xuan Ye [bio]
Zoë Alexis-Abrams (voice) David Jones (guitar, electronics)
   + James Beardmore (theremin, electronics) Xuan Ye (piano, percussion, found objects)

10pm    Future Machines [bio]
Lorenzo Castelli (drums) Matt Fong (guitar) Chris Pruden (moog)

FREE late set in the southern cross lounge :: curated by Healing Power Records

11pm    Prince Nifty [bio]
Matt Smith, solo

12am    DJ RONJ WOLF, CEO [bio]
Wolfgang Nessel, selector

Sunday 26 February :: matinee

in the southern cross lounge...

2pm    open rehearsal :: Rhinoceros Saxophone Quartet [info/ bio]
The Rhinoceros Saxophone Quartet (Jay Hay, Beata Labikova, Paul Newman, Kayla Milmine) rehearse two compositions
selected from among the submissions to our open call by Alice Ping Yee Ho and Tomasz Krakowiak.

4pm    Rhinoceros Saxophone Quartet
Jay Hay (baritone saxophone) Bea Labikova (alto saxophone) Paul Newman (tenor saxophone) Kayla Milmine (soprano saxophone)

Sunday 26 February :: evening

in the main hall...

8pm    duo improvisations: [bios]
   Heidi Chan & Sarah Peebles
   Rob Clutton & Michael Lynn
   Diane Roblin & Michael Snow
   James Bailey & Allison Cameron

9pm    The Mike Smith Company [bio]
Jonathan Adjemian (analog synthesizer) Robin Dann (voice, electronics) Mika Posen (violin, voice) Mike Smith (bass guitar, voice)

10pm    Bristles Trio [bio]
Andrew Downing (bass) Jim Lewis (trumpet) David Occhipinti (guitar)

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