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Circuits Bending Frames

an evening of film and video by Laurie Kwasnik, featuring free improvisers from Toronto…
   ...and free improvisers from Toronto

Jonathan Adjemian (analogue synth) Ryan Driver (analogue synth) Christine Duncan (soundsinging) Paul Dutton (soundsinging) Tiina Kiik (accordion) Laurie Kwasnik (film & video) Mani Mazinani (analogue synth) Wes Neal (bass) John Oswald (alto saxophone) Slowpitch Sound (turntables) Laura Swankey (soundsinging)

Saturday 24 February, 7pm

Laurie Kwasnik

program ::

“Sonic Scores” by Laurie Kwasnik

featuring sound singing loops by Nobuo Kubota

performance :: Christine Duncan, Paul Dutton, Laura Swankey (soundsinging)

“Two Cats and Two Pianos” by Laurie Kwasnik

featuring Michael Snow, Mani Mazinani, Casey Sokol

performance :: Jonathan Adjemian (synth) Ryan Driver (synth) Tiina Kiik (accordion) Laura Swankey (voice)

“Free-Improvisors Mash Up One” by Laurie Kwasnik

featuring local and international free-improvisors:
Mary Margaret Ohara, Aidan Closs, Michael Snow, Evan Parker, Joe Sorbara, Wes Neal, Lee Ranaldo, Phil Minton, John Oswald, Paul Dutton, Aaron Lumley, Alan Licht, Aki Onda, Lori Freedman, Diane Roblin, Ken Vandermark, Jesse Stewart, AIMToronto Orchestra, Element Choir

performance :: Christine Duncan (voice) John Oswald (alto saxophone) Slow Pitch Sound (turntables)

“Free-Improvisors Mash Up Two” by Laurie Kwasnik

featuring local free-improvisors:
Bob Wiseman, John Oswald, Anne Bourne, Aaron Finley, Brodie West, Mark Segger, Steve Kado, Brandon Valdivia, Colin Fisher, Manitcore (Zoe Alexis-Abrams, David Jones), Tiina Kiik, David Prentice, Germaine Liu, Rebecca Hennessy, Doug Tielli, Heather Saumer, Ben Grossman, Casey Sokol, Tim Posgate, Michaelangelo laffaldano, Nicole Rampersaud, Jonathan Adjemian, the Cluttertones (Rob Clutton, Ryan Driver, Tim Posgate, Lina Allemano)

performance :: Paul Dutton (soundsinging) Tiina Kiik (accordion) Wes Neal (bass)

“Free-Improvisors Mash Up Three” by Laurie Kwasnik

featuring organized solos based on instrument: drums, saxophones, strings, stand up basses, piano, keyboards, voice…

performance :: “sound in sand and water” by Laurie Kwasnik and Charles Bagnall

Live Cymatics with Analog and digital synth players
featuring Jonathan Adjemian, Ryan Driver & Mani Mazinani (synths)

performance :: Temporary Ensembles

featuring Jonathan Adjemian (analogue synth) Ryan Driver (analogue synth) Christine Duncan (voice) Paul Dutton (soundsinging) Tiina Kiik (accordion) Mani Mazinani (analogue synth) Wes Neal (bass) John Oswald (alto saxophone) Slowpitch Sound (turntables) Laura Swankey (soundsinging)


Laurie Kwasnik is a Canadian experimental and documentary filmmaker. Her subjects often focus on the work of artists and musicians, and many of her recent projects celebrate emerging and pioneer artists in the international creative and free-improvisational music and performance community.

Laurie's work is influenced by her early studies with structural film pioneers Tony Conrad and Paul Sharits at the University of Buffalo, where she studied media and experimental film and was part of Buffalo's emerging video arts' community. She was a member of Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center and contributed to the formative years of the Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Arts Centre, as one of the directors of Axle Grease (later titled, Artgrease), a public-access TV series promoting video artists' work. Her early S-8 and 16 mm film work was concerned with ideas of representation and the materiality of film itself.

Kwasnik is currently directing and producing a feature-length documentary and interactive website, Fields of Snow, featuring the renowned international artist Michael Snow, covering almost six decades of his lesser-known, but significant career as musician, composer, and pioneer in creative and free-improvisational music. With over twenty years of experience in the film industry as director, production manager, camera operator and editor, alongside her experimental work, Laurie offers an intuitive and aesthetic sensibility to the artists and musicians with whom she collaborates. She has found a path within the free-improvisational community and her current project will be a testament to Michael Snow's musical career, as well as a valuable contribution to Canadian cultural history.

Other of Laurie's recent projects have included collaborations with senior artists including Canadian Governor General Award-winning artists Nobuo Kuboto and John Oswald, plus Paul Dutton, Eve Egoyan, and W. Mark Sutherland. Her upcoming 30-minute short film 1001 Strings 2017, features John Oswlad's composition Spectre and the evolved life of a single composition, originally commissioned by the Kronos Quartet in 1990.

Laurie Kwasnik's films have been shown nationally and internationally, including the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Palau de la Verreina Museum, Barcelona, The Winnipeg New Music Festival, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The New York Armory Show and TIFF Cinemateque.

Her film Out of the Bush Garden, 2017 features curator Francesca Valente and 220 Canadian artists' works in the collection of Luciano Benetton's Imago Mundi project. Out of the Bush Garden will be screened at Palazzo Loredan, Venice during the 57th Venice Biennale, August 29 to October 29, 2017.

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