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"Hat & Beard . Reflections"

The newest recording by Ken Aldcroft and Dave Clark's strange and joyous
Monk tribute project, Hat & Beard, was released to the world on 22 February
at the Somewhere There Creative Music Festival.

It is now available from Trio Records

hat & beard . reflections

Friends and Fellow Travelers,

Since January 13, 2013, Somewhere There has been without a permanent home. While our search continues, we are presenting creative music concerts and events at the Array Space, the TRANZAC, and at other venues who are supportive of adventurous music.

Please look for upcoming Somewhere There presents... events at calendar page and check out the full line-up of the second annual Somewhere There Creative Music Festival at our festival page.

Please also head over to the Audiopollination site for sounds and information about upcoming shows, read the Soundlist for other odd-ball music happenings in and around Toronto, drop in to the TRANZAC to hear whatever is going on there tonight, and keep your ears open wherever you are. There is a great deal going on.

Thank you for your ongoing support, for your commitment to impossible and unreasonable music making, and for your patience and assistance.

Peace and good music to you all,

The Somewhere There Collective