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Simeon Abbott & Mike Gennaro
   Simeon Abbott (piano) Mike Gennaro (drums)

Simeon Abbott & Mike Gennaro

"First Drink" @ Soundcloud

More info:
Simeon Abbott @ reverbnation
Mike Gennaro Music dot com

show: Sunday 23 February, 2pm

Pianist Simeon Abbott and drummer Mike Gennaro are two of the leading figures in Toronto's improvised music scene. Unabashedly energetic, their sound is firmly rooted in the free jazz of the 60's and 70's, while their highly articulated and virtuosic instrumental approach owes much to the contemporary European master improvisors.

Mike Gennaro has performed with such luminary figures as John Butcher, Eugene Chadbourne, Wilbert DeJoode and Kevin Drumm and recorded "Port Huron Picnic" with saxophonist Mats Guftafsson for Spool Records. Simeon Abbott is one of the most in demand pianists in Toronto's contemporary music scene.

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