Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

February 21-23, 2014

292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

advance tickets available online @ eventbrite dot ca

Friday 21 February

in the main hall...
7pm    talk: The Age of Enthusiasm: The Roots of Toronto Musical Improvisation, 1960s-1980s
David Lee [bio]

8pm    free improvisations by...
Stuart Broomer (guitar) Arthur Bull (guitar) Terry Fraser (drums) David Lee (bass) Eric Stach (alto saxophone) [bios]

9pm    Kyle Brenders Quartet
Kyle Brenders (woodwinds) Wes Neal (bass) Heather Segger (trombone) Mark Segger (drums) [bio]

late set in southern cross lounge...
10pm    Alaniaris
Ken Aldcroft (guitar) Michael Kaler (bass) Mark Zurawinski (drums) [bio]

Saturday 22 February > matinee

in the main hall...
12:30pm    film premiere: Start Making Noises Now
by Nicholas Loess & Joe Sorbara [bios]

2pm    Girlfriends Encounter a Father Figure
Thom Gill (keyboard, effects, voice) Matthew Pencer (computer) Christopher Willes (computer) [bios]

3pm    Hat and Beard: Reflections CD RELEASE!!
Ken Aldcroft (guitar) Dave Clark (drums) [bio]

Saturday 22 February > evening

in the main hall...
7pm    talk: Experimental Music in Canada: Cuts and Continuums
Jeremy Strachan [bio]

8pm    duos
Paul Newman (tenor saxophone) & Karen Ng (alto saxophone) [bios]
Cheryl Duvall (piano) & Ilana Waniuk (violin)

9pm    Famous Wildlife Movies
Ali Berkok (clavinet) Jay Hay (bass clarinet, flute) Pete Johnston (string bass)
Mike Smith (guitar) Jeremy Strachan (bass clarinet, flute)

late set in southern cross lounge...
10pm    Eucalyptus
Ryan Driver (piano) Nick Fraser (drums) Blake Howard (percussion) Alex Lukashevsky (guitar)
Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) Mike Smith (bass) Brodie West (alto saxophone)

Sunday 23 February > matinee

in the main hall...
1pm    workshop: The Improviser's Woodshed
Dave Clark [bio]

2pm    duos
King Weather [D. Alex Meeks (plates and cylinders) Steve Ward (collapsible metal tube)]
Simeon Abbott (piano) & Mike Gennaro (drums)

3pm    Colin Anthony's Dream Dance
Colin Anthony (piano) Jessica Houghton (movement) Tova Kardonne (voice) Chelsea Papps (movement)
Rob Piilonen (flutes) Raphael Roter (movement)

Sunday 23 February > evening

in the main hall...
7pm    Cluttertones
Lina Allemano (trumpet) Rob Clutton (bass) Ryan Driver (piano, voice) Tim Posgate (guitar, banjo) [bio]

8pm    Fleshtone Aura & Mandelbrut
Luis Hernandez (tapes, electronics) Andrew Zukerman (tapes, electronics) [bios]

9pm    Mark Segger Sextet
Rob Clutton (bass) Tania Gill (piano) Jim Lewis (trumpet) Peter Lutek (woodwinds) Heather Segger (trombone) Mark Segger (drums) [bio]

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