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Fleshtone Aura & Mandelbrut
   Luis Hernandez (tapes, electronics) Andrew Zukerman (tapes, electronics)

Fleshtone Aura


More info:
Fleshtone Aura @ Bandcamp
Mandelbrut dot com

show: Sunday 23 February, 8pm

With Fleshtone Aura, Andrew Zukerman picks up where his work in Gastric Female Reflex leaves off. Tongue-in-cheek tape collage delivered at Sam Kinison speeds. No sound is sacred, no sample is left unturned. New-classical pop-schizophrenia.

Mandelbrut is the noise project of Luis Hernandez, Canadian artist and game designer. Mandelbrut's performances employ the use of homemade analog synthesizers, signal generators, junk instruments, and feedback. These elements combine to create a tapestry of complex interference patterns, and undulating rhythms. He is currently completing his first commercial game, Jazzpunk.

When the two solo projects come together to collaborate at the Somewhere There Creative Music Festival, they will negotiate a structured improvisation designed to play on their mutual use of tape loops, the possibility of two artists drawing from similar source material on the fly, the creative potential inherent in using that material in different ways.

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