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Dave Clark
   The Improviser's Woodshed

Dave Clark

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Dave Clark @ Woodchoppers dot com
The Improviser's Woodshed
Woodchoppers Association
The Woodshed Orchestra

workshop: Sunday 23 February, 1pm

Dave Clark is a drummer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, Gemini Award winning composer, music student, music educator, author, poet, record producer, audio mastering engineer, and the leader of the WoodChopper's Association improviser's orchestra.

Dave has been lucky enough to have performed with such diverse artists as the Dinner is Ruined, the Nihilist Spasm Band, Jah Youssouf, Vieux Farka Toure and Mansa Sissoko of Mali, West Africa, mezzo soprano Jean Stillwell, Plunderphonics mastermind John Oswald, legendary drummer Neil Peart of Rush, the Sun Ra Arkestra, the Woodshed Orchestra, the Rheostatics, Jean Derome, Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, trumpeter Lina Allemano, Rich Underhill of the Shuffle Demons, Tannis Slimmon, the Shrine of Impossible Love, Joe Lapinski, Runcible Spoon, Madagascar Slim, Sook-Yin Lee, Jo Ann Hetu, Rock Plaza Central, Wayne Omaha, Trish O'Callaghan, Michael Johnston, the Williams, Mihirangi, Eliza Gilkyson, Carolyn Mark, GUH, Lewis Melville, Andrew Downing, Les Blancs Brilliants, dancers Andrea Nann, Rex Harrington, Yvonne Ng, Kate Alton, Shannon Cooney, and Susie Burpee, poets Paul Dutton of the CCMC and Jim Carroll author of the "Basketball Diaries", created soundtrack work for Nick Deponcier, Audrey Huntley, co-created soundtrack music with the Rheostatics for Martin Scorsese "Naked in New York" and Richard J. Lewis "Whale Music", worked with theatre artists Tina Rasmussen, Jane Wells, Suitcase in Point of St. Catherines Ontario, Theatre Junction of Calgary Alberta, One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company of Calgary Alberta, Installation Artists Sherri Hay, Fastwurms, Walter Willems, Mike Murphy and many others.

Dave has studied with master drum teacher Jim Blackley of Barrie, Canada, Bata music master Gilberto Morales Chiong of Matanzas Cuba, British guitarist and composer Fred Frith, and saxophonist David Mott of Toronto, Canada.

Dave is the author of "A Month of Sundays" poetry collection and the music instructional text "How to Conduct... Yourself! Conducting Cues For Instant Musical Composition".

Dave has produced/ co-produced recordings by the the Williams, Joe Lapinski, Michael Johnston, the Inbreds, By Divine Right and the WoodChoppers Association. He has mastered audio works by the Rheostatics, Han Bennink, Sam Larkin, Dave Reed and amongst others.

Mr. Clark teaches music at his studio in Toronto, Canada as well as leading his Improviser's Woodshed music workshops at public, secondary and post-secondary schools, as well as at music festivals, in art galleries, for theatre companies, and for various bands.

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