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Girlfriends Encounter a Father Figure
   Thom Gill (keyboard, effects, voice) Matthew Pencer (computer) Christopher Willes (computer)

Girlfriends Encounter a Father Figure

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show: Saturday 22 February, 2pm

Toronto's Thom Gill has been busy appearing in many forms and furnishing a variety of vibes, exploring the world of song at home and abroad with blissfully confused audiences.

"Placing a disarming sincerity and vulnerability amidst a peculiar array of stylistic cues, ...imaginative melodic-harmonic tics, and lyrics that express a rather complicated relationship with spirituality, religious iconography, and love," (Musicworks magazine) Gill's solo project THOMAS may interest you. His commitment to how sound and song participate in life, and vice versa, leads him in fresh directions with each performance. As well as his work as a solo artist, Thom has performed alongside Owen Pallett, John Southworth, Katie Stelmanis (Austra), and Devon Sproule, to name a few.

For a limited time, Matthew Pencer explores the effective dynamic objectivity of audible spectral content to maximize value-added super premium frequency acquisition experiences. Using the very latest in cutting edge technology, Matthew has created results-driven sound solutions for premier Theatre, best-selling Radio and all-purpose concerts globally. In 2012, Matthew received the 2012 Richard Zylog Award of Excellence. He is currently at work on the forthcoming 'Tony One Presents: Purpose Code', expected for large scale pre-re-release in 2015. He lives and works in Toronto.

Christopher Willes studied music at the University of Toronto and is currently an MFA candidate at Bard College (Annandale-on-hudson, NY). He makes music, audio installations/walks, and sound scores for theatre, dance, and film. He has shown work at the Music Gallery, the Toronto Nuit Blanche Festival, labspace, Manhattan School of Music, The X-Avant Festival and Gallery345. Recent collaborations in theatre and dance include projects with Dancemakers, Soft Matter, choreographers Andrea Spaziani and Julia Male, and the Toronto based "(mostly) theatre" company Small Wooden Shoe among others. Music/sound credits in film include "Akasha" with animator/director Evan Derushie which was presented at NFB/ONF Mediatheque, and LOIKKA dance film festival (Helsinki).

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