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   Cheldon Paterson (turntables)

Friday 26 February, 9pm


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Using the turntable creatively to explore sounds has been at the forefront of Cheldon Paterson aka SlowPitchSound's entire adult life. Turntable composition, live performance and improvisation have been key elements whether performing solo or with culturally diverse musicians stretching from Gamelan to jazz to western classical and beyond. His unique style of turntable performance has made it's way around the world touching down in Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, Australia and America. He is a sound artist who often incorporates unconventional functions of the turntable as well as field recordings in his compositions. Using the turntable as an instrument, sounds are captured, looped and further brought to life by numerous filters and effects in tandem with Paterson's hypnotic tribal rhythms. Away from the stage, Cheldon stays busy teaching the art of DJing at Off Centre DJ & Electronic Music Production School.

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