Somewhere There Creative Music Festival: Main

   Evan Cartwright (drums) Brodie West (alto saxophone)

Sunday 28 February, 8pm



a live sample of Ways
(from mechanical forest sound)

Ways is a duo of alto saxophonist Brodie West and drummer Evan Cartwright. Their music merges compositional forms and improvisation in an entirely unique way. West draws influence from the European free improvisation school, having studied off and on in Amsterdam with Misha Mengelberg. He is known for his work with Toronto based groups The Lina Allemano 4, Drumheller, The Ryan Driver Sextet and for his collaboration with Han Bennink and The Ex. He also leads an 8 piece ensemble based in Toronto called Eucalyptus. Cartwright is one of the most imaginative drummers in Toronto. He is a member of Tasseomancy with whom he toured Europe for the bulk of this past summer.

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