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Craig Dunsmuir and Dun-Dun Band
   Craig Dunsmuir (electric guitar, thumb piano)
   w/ Jay Anderson (electronic hand drum, percussion) Josh Cole (electric bass) Colin Fisher (tenor saxophone)
   Blake Howard (hand drum, percussion) Mike Smith (synthesizer, electronics) Brodie West (alto saxophone)

Friday 24 February, 10pm

Craig Dunsmuir and Dun-Dun Band (photo by Geoff Fitzgerald)
photo by Geoff Fitzgerald


Untitled (12→13→14→15→16→12→21)
(from mechanical forest sound)

Inspired and informed by progressive rock, minimalism, spiritual jazz and Gnawa music, Dun-Dun Band is guitarist Craig Dunsmuir's first foray into band leadership, initiated by having been invited by the Ratio collective to perform at Long Winter in February 2016. Josh Cole doubles up Dunsmuir's odd-time ostinato figures, Blake Howard and Jay Anderson foreground the hypnotic rhythmic component, and Mike Smith provides his trademark transcombobulations while Brodie West and Colin Fisher are given reign to solo, harmonize, and restate the head melodies as they see fit.

“ can glean hints of guitarist Craig Dunsmuir's solo compositional m.o. in the Dun-Dun Band's playing, but it's sublimated to snaky ouroboros rhythms not unlike Joshua Abrams' work with his Natural Information Society."
-- Joe Strutt, Mechanical Forest Sound

Dun-Dun Band @ mechanicalforestsound

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