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So Long Seven
   Neil Hendry (guitar) Tim Posgate (banjo) William Lamoureux (violin) Ravi Naimpally (tabla)

Friday 23 February, 9pm

So Long Seven

So Long Seven was brought together by community, and in turn, brings community together. With unique instrumentation (guitar, banjo, tabla, violin and vocals) and richly textured orchestration, the diverse influences of the group not only span culture, but generation too – they cover four decades in age, with a member in each (i.e. 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.). Their sophomore album, ‘Kala Kalo’ translates to “black” in both Hindi and Romani, respectively. It refers to those who have been rejected – in other words, the black sheep of the family. ‘Kala Kalo’ is a dedication to anyone who has ever felt ostracized be it in a grander political framework or simply on a personal and community level. With this sentiment in mind, Tim Posgate says:

“In some ways we are all so different. Early beginnings were Toronto, Saskatoon, Gatineau and Thunder Bay. We are like cats and we all like cats. (‘Cairo’ is written for Neil's cat by that name.) We all love music. We often play and compose for each other with great mutual respect. Trying to challenge, push and inspire each other to bring-forth a high-energy stage show. Most of our time together on the road and at rehearsal is filled with laughter!”

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