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Body Double
   Victoria Cheong (samplers, percussion, voice) Julie Reich (samplers, percussion, voice)

Friday 24 February, 11pm :: FREE late set in the Southern Cross Lounge :: curated by Healing Power Records

Body Double (photo by Natalie Logan)
photo by Natalie Logan

Through technology and sound, Body Double explores notions of personal duplication, mirroring and togetherness as a means of achieving success in an ever-demanding world.

Victoria Cheong makes solo electronic music and DJs as New Chance and sings in the improvisational vocal trio IC/JC/VC (with Isla Craig and Jennifer Castle). She has composed and performed music for contemporary dance currently collaborating with Zoja Smutny, on her conceptual album, Rosé Porn. For the past 6 years Victoria has co-run the Toronto record label Healing Power Records. She is currently an active member of the DJ collective, Boop! and is a member of The Artistic Advisory Board of the Music Gallery in Toronto.
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Julie Reich is a Toronto-based musician, artist and curator. She writes, records and performs music for the genre-bending band Bile Sister, performs solo as Dohn Valley and DJ's as DJ Garbage Body. She is videographer, editor and also currently uses 3-D animation platforms, with art also published in a Toronto cookbook. As an (installation) artist, she displayed work for festivals such as NXNE, Wavelength, Silent Shout and Feast in the East. Julie also co-founded BLOCKSPACE, a multi-disciplinary coalition that focuses on bridging the gap between the public and artists by reclaiming and transforming public spaces. A new full length album for Bile Sister is on the way.

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